Department of Pathology Microbiology:

The Department of Microbiology is a unique establishment with academic interest. It serves the clinical laboratory network of Ayub Teaching Hospital (​ATH). The department consists of fully Clinical Pathology section. The laboratory facilities are modern with up-to-date, state of the art automated equipment and procedures.The departments engages in Quality Assurance Systems including a Quality Control Program, Quality Control Protocols, Equipment and test kit validation.


Test Offer in Microbiology:

Test Series 1

Test Series 2

 Cerebro Spinal Fluids (CSF)  Fluril Fluids
 Urine R/Examination  Cynovial Fluids
 HBS (Ag) by Device Mathod  Benz Jhons Protiens
 Stool Routine Examination  Widal Test
 Urine for Pregnancy  ICT TB
 Reamatoid Factors (RA Factor)  H.Pylori
 C. Reactive Protien (CRP)  Blood Grouping
 Anti Strepto Lysine Otitre (ASO)  Sputam For AFB
 Staining Process  Brucella






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