How Wards Admissions !

Entrance WORKING

Ayub Teaching Hospital consists of a number of units for the treatment of the patients. Patients may visit the hospital and are provided necessary treatment. A number of processes are performed in different hospital units for dealing the patient.


Ayub Teaching Hospital arranged an Out Patient Department for the hospital. For each ward there is a specific OPD. The process of patient's treatment consists of following steps

  •     The patient gets the OPD prescription chit from counter clerk.
  •     Clerks enter necessary information .
  •     Patient visits the respective OPD.
  •     The medical staff examines the patient.
  •     The patient is given necessary treatment
  •     The patient is either referred to Major OPD or send back to home depending on his condition.


A patient needs to be passed through the following processes if he/she is to be admitted in the hospital.

  • The patient comes to the concerned ward with the prescriptionChit.
  • The dispenser records information in Daily Attendance Registrar of the ward.
  • A blank chit is placed on the counter of the patient for further use.
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