1. Rates must be for F.O.R/ Ayub Teaching Hospital Abbottabad
  2. Supplier’s representative must be available in Abbottabad if required.
  3. The Repair/work must be completed within stipulated period
  4. 10% security with adjustment call deposit against repaired items will be retained till closure of the current financial year. If the repaired items be found defective within warranty period the supplier will be bound for its rectification/replacement.
  5. The firm should provide Account Number and Bank Name for payment against his bills.
  6. Proof of registration with Sales tax and clearance of income tax stating NTN, GST must be attached with tender.
  7. The Employer shall not be bound to accept the lowest or any other tender.
  8. All blank spaces must be filled in and completed form must be without interlineations or alteration of the original wording.
  9. Incomplete and conditional Tenders shall be rejected at the sole discretion of the Employer.
  10. Earnest Money.Call deposit for prescribed amount shown in advertisement must be attached with each tender. The Earnest Money of unsuccessful Tenderers will be returned by the Employer as soon as the successful tenderer has signed the Contract and his Performance Security has been accepted (2% quoted amount).
  11. Up Time will not be less than 90% of working days.           




Medical Superintendent

Ayub Teaching Hospital







1.          Rates must be for F.O.R basis Ayub Teaching Hospital Abbottabad

2.             Supplier’s representative must be available in Abbottabad if required.

3.             The Supply/work must be completed within stipulated period

4.             The firm should provide Account Number and Bank Name for payment against his bills.

5.             Proof of registration with Sales tax and clearance of income tax stating NTN, GST must be attached with tender.

6.             In case of acceptance of rates the contractor will have to execute an agreement on non-judicial paper within a week time.

7.             The Employer shall not be bound to accept the lowest or any other tender.

8.             Incomplete and conditional Tenders shall be rejected at the sole discretion of the Employer.           

9.             Earnest Money.Call deposit for prescribed amount shown in advertisement must be attached with each tender. The Earnest Money of unsuccessful Tenderers will be returned by the Employer as soon as the successful tenderer has signed the Contract and his Performance Security has been accepted (2% quoted amount).

10-          Packing Materials must be adequately protected from damages and pilferage during shipment and it is the Tenderer’s responsibility to provide undamaged material in the quantities ordered.  The packing should be of international standard.

11-          Inspection and Testing at Site. Final inspection and testing of the equipment will be carried out at site by the Employer/ Engineer. The Contractor shall be fully responsible for replacement of the equipment if found defective or not meeting the specification without any extra payment.

12-          Training On completion of all works but prior to final handing over, the successful tenderer shall arrange for training and instruction to be provided to the Employer’s staff at appropriate place. This training shall include all aspects for operation, maintenance and trouble shooting of the equipment. The instructor (s) for this training shall be authorized by the manufacturer.

13-          In case of supply / Purchase of spares and Repair of equipment etc, the conditions of single stage -2 envelop shall not be applied.

14-          The last date of receipt of tenders is 22/11/2014. In case of holiday on the said date, the next working day will be last date for receiving of Tenders.



                                                                                                                                        Medical Superintendent

                                                                                                                                         Ayub Teaching Hospital









GIF-Q 180 Upper GI Endoscope (Olympus)  (2nd Time Tender)

GIF-130 Upper GI Endoscope (Olympus) (2nd Time Tender)

CF-130-L Lower GI Endoscope (Olympus) (2nd Time Tender)


  • Fluoroscopy Unit SIRESKOP Siemens(2nd Time Tender)
  • X-Ray Chest Unit THORAMAT Siemens (2nd Time Tender)


  1. 1.       Repair of Dental Units and dental X-ray units. (2nd Time Tender)
  2. 2.       Repair of C-Arm(2nd Time Tender)
  3. Echo Machine (Toshiba) without Parts.(Xario , Toshiba)  (2nd Time Tender)
  4. 4.       MRI Machine VANTAGE-TITAN with Helium, WITHOUT PARTS(2nd Time Tender)


  1. ICU Ventilators Birds
  2. ICU Ventilators Siemens
  3. Defibrillator(7200  K Nihon Kohden Japan)
  4. Patients Electric Beds
  5. Sadat Patients Monitors

Operation Theaters

  1. Orthopedics Drill Con Med (Model No 6150)
  2. Tourniquet (Riester)
  3. EEG Printer (Model HP  color Laser Jet 16-00)
  4. Micro Drill System for Neuro Surgery
  5. Anesthesia Machine with ventilators
  6. Endoscopy Camera 988 Stayher
  7. Microscope S/W Installation (Model Lieca.M 525 F40 )
  8. OT Tables
  9. Conmed linvatia (Hall Pro)
  10. Electric Drill AEG BS 12C2
  11. Stryher ortho Table
  12. Dermatome Zimmer
  13. Cavendish 680 m Anesthesia ventilator
  14. Diathermy Excell 400 MC










  1. Automatic Visual Field Protter T40
  2. Argon Laser  crystal Focus
  3. Microscope
  4. Hess Chart
  5. Phaco Machine
  6. Yag Laser
  7. B-Scan
  8. TOP Con Camera (TRC 50xS)
  9. Laser (LQ 2106)


ENT UNIT (surgical Unit)


  1. Getinge Steam Auto Clave
  2. Ultra violet rays
  3. ENT Operating Microscope (carl Zies )
  4. Eye Operating Microscope (OMS-75 TOP CON)
  5. Eye Operating Microscope (S-5Ziess)
  6. Phaco Machine hand piece (Stroz . PROTÉGÉ s#0125BP 8020-51299,

                                                            (01275 BP 8020-52266)

  1. OT Light Camera + Cable



Pathology Department


  1. Selectra 2 (Merck)
  2. Metro lab 2300
  3. RA 50
  4. Flame Photometer
  5. Magia 7000
  6. Erma
  7. Distt Plant
  8. Centrifuge China

10. Aquatron Distillation Plant

11. Electrolyte Analyzer (Ciba Caring)

12.  UPS

13. Centrifuge Chian 12 hole

14. Microscope Eye Peace (Nikon)

15. Coatran IV

16. Diatran Abacus

17. Erma

18. RA -50

19. Freezer Temperature (-35) for FFP

20. Tube Sealer


Nursery Department

  1. Infant Ventilators
  2. Baby Incubator(china)
  3. Baby Warmer (Nestonate) 5050
  4. Phototherapy Light


S.No Description 
1 Finger Probe Infant Size for Monitor Model No.M9B (2nd time tender) 
2 Bulb Holder Screw type Shadowless Light (Sky Lux) Original(2nd time tender) 
3 Bulb 6volt/0.2amp for Nikon teaching microscope Model OPTIPHOT-02 (2nd time tender) 
4 Rubber electrode 8x12cm set of 12 pcs for dudynator 829 stimulator 
5 Hallogn bulb 24 volt/ 50 watt pin type  for mobile X-ray
6 Patient lead (physiomed germany) for stimulator model 52
7 Flow Sensor (Adult) for Ventilator i5
8 Syringe Pump 
9 Infusion Pump 
10 Cable for EET Machine model no PX200
11 Examination Light (best Quality) 
12 Glass Tube for BP Appratus 
13 Electric Tournikat 
14 Flexo plate EF-100/12x9 cm, (physiomed germany) pair 
15 Patient lead for duodynator 829 (siemens)
16 Flexoplate EF-200/17.5x11cm (physiomed germany) pair 
17 Viscose cover EF-100 Germany Pair 
18 Viscose cover EF-200 Germany Pair 
19 Finger Probe for Ohmeda Biox Pulse Oximeter Model-3700
20 Foot Switch for surgical diathermy model Excel 400MC (Alsa)
21 Multistep Resistor RWH-200/0.04 ohm for Sky lux shadow less light
22 Hallogen bulb 6v/10watt pin type  without reflector (horizental filament) origional
23 Rubber Seal for working chamber vertical auto clave 3kw/220 volt.
24 Lamp Xenon-20132026 for Ligth Source Model 20131520 Xenon Nova Karl Storz Endoscope includes with installation/commissiong 
25 Heating Element (1KW) for Autoclave (Dentistry Deptt) Model Handyclave LS-1
26 Multistep Switch upto 10 for Sky Lux Shadowless Light
27 BP cuff (infant Size)
28 BP cuff (Paederiatic)
29 Battery NI-CD lah Part No.09-10424-18 USA Physio Control Fastpak for Defibrillator life Pak-10 (CCU)
30 Minigrinder/Buffing Unit Electric Table
31 SAFTI Set/Drip Set Model A-122 Infusion Pump Model Aitecs DF-12
32 Auto Power Supply Digital Display 230/0-15 Volt DC
33 Heat Gun Model 852-SMD rework Station (China)
34 Radiant Rod (Small) for Ultra-Voilet Model WM-30-HL(SS-TB24SP) 220 Volt/0.49 Amp
35 Radiant Rod (Large) for Ultra-Voilet Model TB-36-W/50 1.2 Amp
36 Cadnica Battery Part No.50SB3 3.6Volt/45 mAh for Dialysis 
37 O Rings seal box all variety 
38 Tube Rod 01 feet  for Insect Killer machine 
39 Magntic Contactor F-18 220 Volt Japan 
40 Power Supply module 15 volt/ 3.3 Amp for UT 4000 monitor 
41 HT cable outer dia  6mm 40 kv 
42 Radiant heater Rod 220volt for Infant radiant warmer YDW-III China 
43 Asbestos dori roll
44 Lamps 24Volt/50Watt for shadowless light lamp S.T Francis Taipei Taiwan ROC
45 Power cable 15 Amp for Equipment best Qulity (Sample Requested)
46 Ring seal for working Chamber  Auto clave Dental Design in Italy 
47     EEG Paste
48 Mechnical timer on 10 second (Smic) for mobile Xray 
49 Solder wire 
50 Foot Pad for Diathermay 
51 Mono Polar Leads Complete Sets with forceps 
52 Earth Plate for Caurtry Machine  (Germany)
53 B-Polar  Leads for Diathermay (Germany) Bowa 
54 Mono Polar Leads for Diathermay (Germany) Bowa 
55 Seals all types for ot tables 
56 Pressur / Hydraulic Pump for OT Table 
57 pressur pump for OT Table with lock all sizes 
58 Rubber Seal for Rod 2000 watt (water dispenser )
59 Butter Fly Nuts 
60 Wheel for OT Tables 
61 Burdick   ECGBattries 
62 Orthropeadics Plastic Cutter 
63 Roller Ball Diathermy electrode for 24 FR ACMI resectoscope
64 Probe Ultrasound Machine (Toshiba )Neimo 10 , Femio Cube 
65 Tie Band (All Size)
66 Elphi Rod 
67 Elphi 
68 Jublee clamp all size
69 Disfection Light 
71 OT Light Bulb 24 volt 100 watt pin type 
72 Finger probe for MEC-1000 Mindary 
73 Bioler 
74 Transformer 220 to  110/ 110 volt to 220 volt
75 Spo2 Probe for M-011
76 ECG Cable M-011 Lohmirer  Cardiac Monotor 
77 Burdick ECG Cable 
78 Electric Drill for Orthropeadics
79 Flow Sensor (Adult) for Ventilator i5
80 Syringe Pump 
81 Infusion Pump 
82 Cable for ETT Machine model no PX200
83 Examination Light (best Quality) 
84 Electric Tournikat 
85 Keeler vista battery handle 2.8 volt cat No 1901 P 1064 UK 
86 Finger probe (SP O2) for Horizon 1000 monitor (DS-100A)Nelclor or compatiable probe 
87 Suction Bottle 1700 ML (Plastic)
88 Combi Cable M-011
  Auto Clave  16"x30"
1 Water inlet valve
2 Pressure Drum 
3 Dialysis
4 Venus Pressure Transducer for Machine Model No.TR-321
5 Three Way 122 Valve for Machine Model No.TR-321
6 Haprine Pump & Stepper Motor complete Assembly for TR-FX
7 Chamber Valve Sheet for Machine Model No.TR-321
8 Sensor for UF Pump (TR-321) Machine
9 Solenoid Valve Sheet for Machine Model No.TR-321
10 "D" Line Filter Assembly TR-FX
11 Air Filter TR-FX
12 Line Filter Assembly Dialysis Tube TR-321
13 RO Media
  TR-FX  Spares Parts 
1 2KM-F-203  Two - way valve block ( Spring)
2 2KM-F-203 Chamber moudle ( Spring)
3 221-H-501 Relief valve (valve sheet)
4 221-H-503 Relief valve O- ring)
5 321-H-512 Relief valve( Spring)
6 201-H-210Pressure reducing valve
7 3K0-X-107 Quick coupler (O-ring ) Blue
8 3K0-T-402 Air Bubble separator  (O-Ring) 
9 321K0-T-304 Blood leak detector    (O-Ring) 
10 FXS-L-600 cooling fan
11 FXS-A-200 switiching power supply (DC5V)
12 FXS-A-210 switiching power supply (DC24V)
13 FXS-A-220 switiching power supply (DC24V)
14 2KS-G-502 Diaphragm type three-way valve (Diaphram) 
15 321-F-504 two way valve(spring)
16 21V-G-310 three way valve  (main unit) 
17 320 S--300 concentate filter (with tube)
18 321 S--300 concentate filter (with tube)
19 321 -X-146 sampling port (diapharam)
20 3 KS-T-401 Mixing tank(O-Ring) 
21 3KS-T-401 buffer  tank(O-Ring) 
22 3KW-Q-291 Pump head lip seal 
  Spare Parts TR 321EXV
1 Switching regulator 5v
2 Switching regulator 24v
3 Switching regulator 12v
6 Bar graph LED 
7 BLM PCB(for blood leak dectector 
8 BLS-A PCB for light emitting side 
9 BLS BPCB for light reciveing side 
10 ANA PCB (same as 21v D 402
15 Valve Sheet Way
16 Clamp reset switch PCB
17 Transformer 
18 Buzzer A(wish connector ) 
19 Buzzer (for operation switch)
20 Buzzer for power stoppage)
21 Battery for PCB (A)
22 Hont Meter
23 Valve sheet 
24 Pipe 
25 Plunger 
26 Bolt 
27 Nozzle 
28 Concentarte A valve assembly 
29 Valve body 
30 Chamber valve assembly 
31 Bypass valve 
32 Rinsing valve assemly
33 pressure reducing valve asssembly (plastic body)
34 Spare Kit 
35 pressure reducing valve asssembly (SUS body)
36 flow rate regulation valve assembly 
37 Knob 
38 Relief valve assembly flow pump side with a spacer 
39 Spacer 
40 Relief valve assembly negative pressure pump side witout a spacer 
41 Pressuer Guage 
42 Flow Meter assembly 
43 Washer 
44 Cap 
45 Venous Pressure sensor assembly 
46 Venous pressure monitoring port lure lock type 
47 pump pannel (for single needle option )
48 front controll pannel with out PCB 
49 front pannel A
50 Board Plate ) 
51 Rear Pannel A
52 Rear PannelB
53 Rear Pannel C
54 Right side pannel 
55 Left side pannel 
56 front pannel B
57 front pannel C
58 front pannel Bbracket for dialysis nozzle 
59 Tube Guilde for blood tubing guide 
60 Venous clamp assembly 
61 Cover for PCB 
62 Limit switch 
63 Micro switch for blood pumping 
64 Micro for heparin pump 
65 Bypass limit switch 
66 flow switch assembly 
67 Patrol lamp assembly 
68 Bulb for patrol pump 
69 Fuse (5A) 115 V
70 Fuse (5A) 115 V
71 Fuse (3A) 220 V
72 Fuse (10A) 220 V
73 Fuse Holder 
74 Green cover 
75 Red Cover 
76 Flow negative pressure pump assembly 
77 L-Shape basement 
78 UF pump motor 
79 Damper 
80 UF pump assembly 
81 UF pump Photo sensor assembly
82 Concentate pump motor 
83 Coupiting 
84 Pump Head 
85 Front cap 
86 Pump Head base 
87 Concentrate asembly 
88 L-shaped basement 
89 coupling asembly 
90 Blood Pump assembly 
91 Rotor assembly 
92 Roller assembly 
93 Hexagonal screw for rotor assembly 
94 Blood Pump spacer (A)
95 Blood Pump spacer (B)
96 Blood Pump Gear Box 
97 Blood Pump Motor 
98 Blood Pump motor assembly
99 blood Pump cove r
100 Blood Pumping casing 
101 Knob Holder 
102 Heater r pump assembly 
103 Heater assembly 220 V 
104 Hheater  pump motor 
105 Heater  pump cover 
106 Nut 
107 Spring 
108 Nut for pushing spring 
109 Slide screw bar 
110 Syringe base with stopper 
111 Syringe holder 
112 Spring for system base 
113 Syringe base adaptor for 10cc
114 Supply water filter assembly 
115 Filter element 
116 Concentate flter 
117 Concentate flter new type 
118 Line filter assembly 
119 Heater assembly 115 V 
120 Heater Thermostate 
121 Buffer Tank assembly 
122 Air Bubble separtor assembly 
123 Float switch 
124 Chamber assembly 
125 sampling port 
126 Packing 
127 Concentrate 
128 Disinfectant intake plug 
129 One touch joint(Large)
130 One touch joint(Small)
131 Dialyzer holder assembly 
132 Dialyze holder drip Chamber hamger 
133 Pole assembly 
134 Top Hanger 
135 Pole 
136 Screw for fixing hamger 
137 Pole holder assembly (right )
138 Holder base (right ) 
139 Stop ring 
140 Pole slvee 
141 Pole holder assembly (left )
142 Holder base Left ) 
143 caster with  a stopper 
144 caster without  a stopper 
145 super knob 
146 caster holder cover (left rear,right  front )
147 caster holder cover (left front,right  rear  )
148 Degasing 
149 Flow Motor 
150 Chamber Valve
151 Seal Piston
152 Disinfected bottle bracket 
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