About Us

Ayub Teaching Hospital as an institution is providing preventive, curative / ameliorative, palliative and rehabilitative services. It also provide biosocial research, teaching and training facilities for all members of the hospital and health professionals which include not only doctors and nurses but also paramedics etc. The affiliated Teaching Institutions for training are
a. Ayub Medical College
b. Ayub College of Dentistry
c. School of Nursing
d. Paramedical Institute for Medical Technology (PIMT)

Ayub Medical and Teaching Institution Abbottabad, a 1000-bedded tertiary care teaching hospital and is the largest health carefacility of the Northern Pakistan. Ayub Teaching Hospital has large catchment area & provides health care services to millions of  people living in and around Hazara Division, Gilgit & Biltistan and Azad Jamu & Kashmir. MTI, ATH is the only medical institution in the region that provides tertiary care health facilities to all the patients coming from these areas. . ATH started working in the year 1995 and gaining the 1000 bedded Status in the year 1998. ATH is a state of the art health facility, well equipped with advanced Diagnostic and Therapeutic Facilities.

Operationally the hospital is providing service facilities for outpatient, inpatient, general wards and specialized ward, Accident and Emergency, Intensive and Cardiac care units, Operation Theaters, delivery suites and support services such as pharmacy, radiology & imaging, physiotherapy, blood bank, laboratory etc.

It was a fully autonomous institution Governed by the Board of Governors since its inception. In the year 1999 all the four major hospitals (LRH, KTH, HMC  & ATH) of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province were given autonomous status to be governed by the Management Council.

In the year 2015 all the teaching hospitals including Ayub Teaching Hospital were given full-fledged autonomy under Medical Teaching Institution Reforms Act, 2015 to be governed by the Board of Governors.

The Board of Governors has started its function in February, 2015 and had taken important decisions to improve the patient care as well as management system of the institution to achieve the goals/objectives as per vision and mission statement. Today’s efforts are being made to ensure maximizing productivity of the departments considering quality and transparency at all levels.


Individualized quality care that meets the total needs of the patient



To become the health care leader in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa



AMC aims to deliver a comprehensive range of medical facilities to the patients.



We value each person as a unique individual with a right to be respected.