Urology Department

The Urology Department within the Ayub Teaching Hospital is previously comprises of only 24 beds. Out of four chambers two chambers were for males and two for females. Now a dedicated building has been allocated to Urology ward with separate male and female ward. The bed capacity has also been increased from 24 beds to 40 beds

The ward admits emergency and elective admissions, while the department of Urology houses the Outpatients, Day Cases and Urodynamic Clinics.


 The urology department was established in 1998 and routine urological cases were managed. The state of art lithotripsy machine was procured and made functional to provide this facility to the poor patients. The machine at the ATH, would facilitate the patients belonging to the Hazara Division as they have to go to the Kidney Centre in Hayatabad in Peshawar or the Army Urology Centre in Rawalpindi.