The department of Ophthalmology Ayub Teaching Hospital is a tertiary care hospital ,  attached to Ayub Medical College and is recognized by PMDC  and CPSP for undergraduate , postgraduate teaching and training. More than 34,000 out door patients visit per anum and more than 3,000 major surgical procedures are done here per anum. These include cataract surgery ,glaucoma surgery, lid surgery, emergency repair surgery, squint surgery , retinal detachment surgeries  and many others.

There are two units of Ophthalmology A and B . The faculty members include 02 professors , one Associate and 02 Assistant professor. There is also one Senior registrar one Junior registrar, medical officers , TMO’s  and HO’s . Head of Eye A unit is Prof Dr. Syed Ashfaq Ali Shah and that of Eye B unit is Prof Dr. Hassan Sajid Kazmi.

There are total 50 beds in the eye department .This is the only tertiary care facility from Northern areas as far as Gilgit , Kohistan etc upto Attock .This unit has all the modern facilities for Eye care such as lasers , FFA ,Ultrasound ,  ( B.scan) , Perimetery etc.


Prof .Syed Ashfaq Ali Shah

Our team in Ophthalmology department consist of very dedicated professionals (Doctors,  Paramedics and Nurses ) . We take utmost care of our patients and try to resolve their problems in the least amount of time. We have all the facilities of a modern Eye hospital. We have all diagnostic facilities like B-scan  A-scan , Fundus Fluorescein Angiography , Automated refractometers etc. We have latest laser machines and we are always trying to acquire new technologies with the help of Govt and some NGO’s .We have been able to acquire latest Phaco machine and new lasers machines for the department in the recent past and we are working hard to arrange more for uplifting the department. Our department is the only teaching / training facility for the post graduate students in the whole of northern areas. We have trained many ophthalmologist and many are in the process of getting trained. We make every effort that our patients leave this hospital in a very contented and satisfied manner. We will be always looking forward to entertain our patients in the best possible way.


The following services are provided in Ophthalmology Department Ayub Teaching Hospital Abbottabad.

1). Ultrasonography of Eye

2). Visual Field Examination

3). Fundus Flourescein Angiography

4). Green Lasers

5). YAG Lasers

6).Hess Chart

7). Biometry

Treatment facilities for Patients Outdoor / Indoor:

  1. Cataract surgery — > phacoemulsification ,conventional,  lens aspiration ,

( P/C lens implantation)

  1. Diabetic Eye disease     
  2. Squint assessment and treatment (either with surgery or glasses).
  3. Prescription of glasses (both for near and far vision)
  4. Glaucoma treatment — > Both medical + surgical treatment.
  5. Common disease of Eye — > Conjunctivitis , Uveitis, chalazion , stye , blepharitis
  6. Nasolacrimal duct blockage   — >   DCR , probing , intubation , etc.
  7. All types of Lid surgeries       — >    Lid repair , Entropion , Ectropion , Ptosis , chalazion etc.
  8. Treatment of cancers involving lids (Bcc , Scc) Eye ball (RB)
  9. Peadiatric Eye diseases — > Refractive errors squint assessment & surgery , congenital  & developmental cataract , congenital glaucoma surgery etc.
  10. Retinal detachment surgery.
  11. Occuloplastic surgery.


Days Consultant’s
Monday Prof.Dr Ashfaq Ali Shah, Dr.Bushra
Tuesday Prof Dr.Hassan Sajid Kazmi
Wednesday Dr.Zulfiqar Ali ,
Thursday Dr.Danish Zafar  ,

 Dr.Amir Zeb